Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My host mother, Gohar and my host father Nver on his 46th birthday. The little girl, Annie is Gohar's neice's daughter.

My first horovats, or barbeque in Armenia. It was fantastic!

My host father and mother preparing for our feast. He was putting little slabs of pig fat in between the potatoes.

Some of my family's dried fruit. Cherries, apricots and apple.

This is my host family. My oldest sister, Anna (she is just one day younger than me), my other sister Emma and my host mom and dad

"Ganachee" or greens, fresh from the garden. Purple basil, dill, cilantro and parsely. A good compliment to any meal, or a good aid in digestion.

Common soviet block apartment in Charentsavan.

Liz Allen, a fellow Corvallian, taking us on our first tour of Charentsavan. In front of her is the field we walk though to get to Charentsavan from Karenis, its a very nice walk. There are always Skylarks singing to you along the way.

The Hrazdan river and gorge just below Kaernis. Also known as the local trash dump.

Our lovely squatty potty at school. On the left is for #2 and on the right #1. You wipe with used notebook paper, or BYO TP.

Anna professing the ways of the incredibly confusing Armenian language.

My host mom and some of her clover.


Tziran, or apricot.

A view of the raspberries from the barn.

Strawberries in the garden.

Me, of course in front of my house.

Mt Aragats at sunset as seen from my room. Aragats is the tallest mountain in Armenia.

My tatik, or grandmother.

Again, Aragats.

My tatik and a neighbor, I guess the neighbor was asking for money...

Ararat and Sis (the smaller mountain). Ararat is also called Masis, and is located in Turkey. Formerly was a part of Armenia. It is said that Noah's ark landed on Ararat. I guess I'll have to climb up there and see!

Weinershnitzel in Vienna. We had a 14 hour layover there, just enough to see the city, but not enough to get a good rest. I hadn't slept in several days at this time, and many more were to come!

The Armenian flag in Philidelphia, my first taste of Armenia since leaving the West Coast!


MTPhoto said...

awesome! you look beautiful! So glad you are having fun and it sounds like you are busy :) Keep posting more pics and let us know what your days are like!

Sheri Woods said...

Emily -
these make me cry! I'm so happy for you and thanks for sending. It makes it all so real. The photos are great. Can't wait for some captions.