Saturday, January 23, 2010


Some structures in the village of Vernashen, just above Yeghegnadzor and the gateway to Spitakavor, an 11th century church way up in the mountains.

The view of the Yeghegnadzor valley from the road to Spitakavor. Click on the image to see it larger, I have labeled some of the sites around my area.

The village of vernsahen from above.

Yeghegnadzor and Getap.

Ararat and Sis.

Henni, the German volunteer, and a couch surfer from Spain.

Yeghegnadzor and Getap.

A sheppard that passed us by on our way up. I told him he has the best job ever and he agreed.

Sheppard and his dog, there was a puppy in tow also. Obviously herd dog in training, also one of the best jobs in the world.

Just to the left of that rocky peak is the church. We thought we never were going to get there.

Looking down into the river gorge, we took this way back.

I live here!

And there it is!

Unfortunately, the church has been remodeled and looks pretty new. I say unfortunately because I think they look so much cooler when they are kind of falling apart. Still beautiful, though.

There were Chukars running around everywhere here.

A sheppard village down by the river.

The river gorge on the hike home. That village you can see is Vernashen, just above Yeghegnadzor.

The road sign to Sptiakavor.

My reward from the hike, mmm Spanish tortilla!

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Anonymous said...

today my brother and me were trying to get to the church. but at this time of the year the weather is quiet to hot. we thought that we were on the wrong way. but your pictures show us that it was probably right. Shame. Maybe next time.