Tuesday, May 4, 2010

There was about a 2 hour break in the rain yesterday so I took a little stroll up in the fields behind my house. It is impossibly green here right now. Its amazing how quickly it has changed! I was looking through photos from less than a month ago and the blossoms were just beginning to bud on the trees here.

I had not yet had a chance to explore this side of the city. I moved in during the winter and because there are a lot or construction projects on this side of town, it was super muddy. In this area there are also a lot of abandonded buildings. Maybe this was a greenhouse?

This is a little section of town that I had never noticed before. It has its own separate road from Yegh that comes in at the top of the hill from the road to Yerevan. This is looking down to the Arpa river, where the pointy bridge is. The broken landscape here looks impressive in every season!

A perfect little patch of light shining down on a few cows and the lone herder.

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