Monday, February 21, 2011

Shame on me, or this one's for you Tim

Thanks for the subtle hint at the need for a new post, Tim. I have to admit, I had been staring at the button in my browser that says "My Blog" for a long time and ignoring it. This winter has been colder and wetter than last, encouraging me to stay inside at my "hibernation station" hugging my heater, reading, drinking my body weight in tea and pondering my next six months in Armenia. I will say I have been in a sort of funk, probably related to the fact I have to face my future soon and my current projects are still in the after-new-years hiatus, so the thought of going out and taking pictures really hasn't been all that appealing (I know it should be, right?). However, something that seems to always bring me out of a funk is to get creative and cook up meals that take hours to adapt to Armenian ingredients, go out in the mud and ice and find said ingredients (and visit my favorite shop owners) and then cook. This weeks adventure was in soba noodles!

In true Armenian kitchen MacGyver style, I made my own buckwheat flour in my little coffee grinder.

Then I hung the left over noodles over my grungy little dish rack to dry.

I'll try not to be such a stranger any more. New posts to come soon, I PROMISE!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you again 'Emilu.' My take was that you finely found your Armenian 'beau' and were busy planning your wedding! :)

About this Tim Roth guy... said...

You're back!

Sorry to nag you about posting, but you are certainly in a place that most of us will never see in person, and I really value your insight into Armenia through your photos.

I definitely am no stranger to the perils of winter and having almost no desire to go outside most days. I find that the occasional sunbreak and a camera are sometimes the perfect cure.

Your soba noodle project is really impressive. I will always be more impressed by people making simple, inspired food in remote locations than someone making a five course meal in the middle of a metropolis, so great job staying inspired! I imagine you haven't wanted to think too much about your return home and what you'll do upon settling back in, but we'll be glad to see you regardless.

You'll have to prepare a slideshow and have a welcome home bash.

Thanks, Emily.

circle me confused said...

Beautiful wet noodles! I love them, and it's also really nice to see your house again. So close, yet so far. Hang in there, do what feels right, find inspiration when you can.