Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spain: Sangria, Smiles and Sunshine

The sweet villa we stayed at in Montcada i Reixac, just outside of Barcelona. We would often spend the morning sipping coffee poolside and many an evening sipping sangria.

Gaudi's residence in Parc Guell.

We took the train out to a nice little city on the beach and on the way back were "caught" by the train officials saying we needed to pay 25 Euros for the return trip or get off at the next stop. We apparently were supposed to buy a different ticket to get out there, but when we got on the train with no trouble, we thought nothing of it. We got off, waited and hour, then got back on another train and made it home with no further problems.

Wandering in the streets of Sitges, looking for a nice place to sip some sangria.

Croquettes, the best potato based food on earth.

Sangria de cava and tapas in Sitges.

Downtown Sitges.

We spent the day in the sun in Sitges. We forgot towels, so we laid on newspapers. Then we walked around the city with newsprint all over our bodies. Then we drank sangria.

Iberian ham, the smells wafts through the city, tempting you to find its source.

We were mesmerized by the amount of meats and cheeses in the market.

And the seafood!

We did get lost quite a few times trying to navigate the metro under Barcelona, but at least we were on time!

We ate all you can eat sushi on a conveyor belt a few times. Probably a good 6 months worth of salmon, tuna and avocado were consumed.

The Mediterranean in Barcelona.

Parc Citaduela provided us with some nice grassy hills to lay on under the sun.

Inside the Sagrada Familia.

Spring has sprung in Barcelona.

Fried calarari rings tapas and sangria!

Sampling a piece of piggy that had only been fed acorns its whole life. It was delicious!

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Anonymous said...

Strange no one left a comment on this one, I wonder why! It looks like an orphan --commendably speaking. Emily jan I have been to all those places of Barcelona and Catalonia and more, though some decades ago when life there was more easy going and unspoiled. I would not like or dare visit it again as it is too much spoiled land now, however you presented with your photos the nice part, the old fashioned part..a good job considering your stay of only few days. Narnia