Friday, August 5, 2011


Its been entirely too long since I've mad any attempt at posting to my blog, so here's a photo from almost 3 months ago! This is Arman, he drove my mom and Herik up the mountain to see Spitakavor and Proshaberd while Zach, Krista and I hiked. We had just finished a nice visit with the shepherd family I always visit when I hike to Spitakavor, met some interesting people enjoying a khorovats and some wine at the church then made our way up to Proshaberd. Its a fortress that crowns a rocky peak near Spitakavor. I have been up to the church many times but had never made it to the fortress. Herik was so happy that for the first time in her life she was able to see Spitakavor that she just had to climb the steep cindercone up to the fortress. It was quite a feat, given she was wearing fur lined heeled winter boots that weren't even zipped up! It was a great day, and one I'm sure to never forget.

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