Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I tried in Hayeren, but the first e is backwards... I'll have to do it again.
Writing my name in the dark.

Vartan and his super sweet jeep.

Monster thistle!

My lovely chaco tan and the waterfall.

A wonderful waterfall up the Yeghis canyon outside of Yeghegnadzor. This is Ruzan's son's friend, Vartan.


Sunset over Getap.

Gathering pears for making chir, or dried fruit.

Inscense at the graveyard. This was the 10th anniversary of Ruzan's (my host mother) father's death.
Lighting a fire to burn inscence at the graveyard.

Sweet little family.

My new next door neighbor, Garik and his son Ashot.

And theres me again.

My balcony from the inside of the house.

The rooster that so kindly reminded me that it was time to wake up when the sun comes up. The day after I took this photo, I found him headless and bloody in the kitchen sink. He didn't taste as good as I had hoped.

Me and my city!

Yeghegnadzor looking down the valley toward Vayk.

We walked along the road to get to Her Her, it was a HOT HOT day!

My site mate, Jon taking a water break in the shade on our way back from Her Her.

I didn't want to swim because there were a MILLION tiny fish in there, and I was afraid I'd wash all my sunscreen off. The sun is super intense here.

Paige, my marz mate after our hike to Her Her Lake, just south and east of Vayk, where she lives.

The famous Areni grapes from Armenia. They are so crunchy and tasty!

The unrivaled Chaco tan. I worked VERY hard maintaining it.

Grapes on my balcony.

Do you have watermelon in America? Is it better here or there??

My visitors at the sunset rock. They brought me fresh baked lavash (like tortilla) and watermelon.

A little girl who came to visit me on my sunset rock.

My journal and the sunset. I love to hike up here to write, read and watch the Bee Eaters and Kestrels catching dinner.

This is Vartablur, and extinct volcano as seen from the ridge above Yeghegnadzor.

Me in the gorge over Getap.


circle me confused said...

those black and whites are my favorite, next to my butt cheeks flying in the air of course. don't make us wait so long next time to see new pictures. yekhav?

About this Tim Roth guy... said...

Damn girl! You are quite successfully capturing some rad shit over there. And boy does your camera make your eyes pop. Miss you back in this small town.

P.S. I haven't named the old D70S yet, but she's doing well for me.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos - it's like I'm back there again. Awww.... I miss that balcony, had some of the best nights just sitting out there watching the Milky Way swirl overhead.

Hope you didn't have as many run ins with scorpions as I did :).

Colleen A10