Thursday, November 12, 2009


My computer screen tragically succumbed to the back door of a marshutni and is now in America awaiting repairs. Thank goodness for personal property insurance. Lets hope for an expedient return so I can go back to posting photos!


circle me confused said...

i mailed that thing yesterday. i miss you and that maiullo kid too.

MTPhoto said...

Sad day!!!
My "verification" says "lodgica".

Alex Osteen said...

hi emily,
i'm about to start my service in honduras and am thinking about buying personal property insurance, so naturally i've been looking through a bunch of blogs about other people who have gotten insurance. can i ask if you went for clements international, the company the pc 'endorses,' or did you find another company?
and did they actually pay out without hassles? thanks a million,
alex osteen