Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New friends and old

Zaynik and her family live in a little domik just off the road to Spitakavor. When my dad and UBDJ were here we stopped off here for some hyurasirutyun and a nice conversation. While recently hiking on the same road with my new site mates Meag, Sebastian and Greg we stopped by again to say hello and for some more hospitality. Coincidentally, just as we arrived Zaynik was just cutting in to the new block of cheese she had made. Meag and I have been experimenting with a little cheese making, so it was quite a treat to taste some made by a master.

We took a break from the blazing sun under the umbrella they had set up. We talked again about their life in the mountains with their animals. They will be leaving their site in late October to return to the village and will again set up camp in the mountains in May. They remembered my dad and UBDJ visiting and asked about them. We finished up our coffees and plates of cheese, again kindly refused the offer to vodka shots and were on our way to the monastery.

After the last stretch of road to Spitakavor, we took a break under the newly constructed shelter to a small meal of cheese and tomatoes that our friends had just sent along with us. As we were about to leave, a Niva showed up and our friends exuberantly hopped out and invited us to join them on their Khorovats. We kindly obliged, ate, drank and sang. We then again said our goodbyes and headed down the canyon, a bit tipsy, on our way home.

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Grant Copenhaver said...

Awesome Emily! Armenia looks amazing and it appears that you are having some enriching experiences.

Keep up the good work!