Friday, September 10, 2010


Samvel is my landlord, and may as well be my father in Armenia. He calls me his daughter and even expects the same things from me he would his own daughter. Though I tried to explain in the beginning, and struggle to do so still, I am just your renter and you don't need to treat me like a daughter. Its up and down all the time. Sometimes we are arguing about something for days at a time and then for another period of time we get along like twins.

Samvel has quite the sense of humor, a bit harsh, but also playful. Sometimes I'm not sure if he is joking and other times I am joking right back at him. Though our relationship is hard to deal with at times, I really appreciate how this family has accepted me and looks after me. I feel very fortunate to share their "hayat."

Samvel is hard at work until nightfall every day building three new rooms for students. You can see at the bottom of the patio my little two bedroom grape vine covered home. I love living here!


circle me confused said...

You understate it all, and that's why I like it. Good pictures janes, keep it up!!

Sheri Woods said...

Missing you my dear but so glad you're happy there. Can't wait to see you.