Friday, October 15, 2010

Makin Moonshine : Step 1

As my little cottage is almost completely covered in grape vines and many a Khorovats I have enjoyed my landlord's homemade grape vodka, I have been interested in seeing the process of making the jet-fuel like drink.

After picking the grapes, both from our shared patio and some from a nearby village, Samvel let the grapes sit for several days in buckets. He says you must let them sit so the skins break easier when you crush them.

After loading small batches of grapes into a bucket

smash them until all individual fruits have burst.

This is the most time consuming step in the process.

I, of course, had to take a shot at smashing the grapes. Samvel, in true form, had to give me a hard time about how I was doing it all wrong. Its all fun and games.

Samvel and the bounty.

Pour the smashed grapes into another bucket, cover and allow to sit for several days. After this, majakh (new wine) is made. More photos and process to follow soon...

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