Sunday, September 6, 2009

Community Project

Loading up all the trash we picked up for our community project.

Our dump truck.

Look how much we picked up! Sorry to say, there was A LOT we didn't get to because it was so far down the gorge.

Anoush, a Karenis village, who came every day to help us. We also painted a gazebo a little farther down the gorge.

Noyemi and Anoush, very hard working volunteers!

A sign the mayor got for us to ask people not to throw their trash in the gorge. Unfortunately it was stolen only a few hours later.

We used old cement bags to collect our trash. Notice they say "Portland Cement!"

One of our LCFs (language teacher) Anna on the left, and Noyemi.

Rani and some sweet trash.

Armen, the mayor of Karenis.

Vincent and Beth picking up trash.

Katie excavating some steps.

The before picture.

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