Saturday, September 5, 2009

Teaching practica

Eggplant ready to be horovatsed (bbqed)

Vinny with the tomato spears. This was an EE party after our practicum to celebrate surviving our lessons.

Beth showing children how to build a bird. I also did this lesson, it was super fun!

Vinny did a chemistry class where he made invisible ink. You basically write with lemon juice, let it dry then heat it over a flame and it appears. Well, not everyone's paper dried, so when they dried to make the writing appear, the paper just caught on fire. Mine was the first one to work, and what a great message I had!

Trying to make our invisible ink appear.

Vincent describing how a potato is like a battery. I love this guy.

Our tech trainer, Piruza, AKA the "Ruz" being made into a bird.

Janet as a bird.

Me as a bird.

And Beth as a bird, we really needed some way to calm our nerves!

Some children making environmental protection posters. These boys only used pictures of women's clothing on their poster. I didn't catch what their message was...

This one was about not throwing trash in the wrong places.

This was a lesson about observing insects.

Cute little butterfly.

Don showing the kids where to find the best insects.

Imagining insects.

Observing the insects.

Observing and drawing insects, the kids really enjoyed this lesson.

Showing me some kind of creepy crawler.

This is David, he was my favorite student!

Janet and Katie talking about insects.

The high school class listening to Don talk about indicator species.

This is a game Don and I made up for our pollution/indicator species lesson. There was a healthy frog (two kids tied together), a sick frog (three kids tied together), and a really sick frog (4 kids tied together). They had to run from their home, to get food at another location, the run to get water at another location and then run back home. The purpose was to show how pollution (or more people) made it harder to live. For the most part the high schoolers were pretty shy and reserved, but they really liked this lesson and were more willing to participate.

Brian, doing his usual thing, pouring over the dictionary.

I have the best view possible from a bedroom. This is just as I woke up one morning.

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