Thursday, September 3, 2009

This is a piece from Noah's ark, which is rumored to have landed on top of Mt. Ararat.

This spear evidently pierced Jesus.

Some lanterns in Echmiadzin, the head church of the Armenian Apostolic Christians.

This is what you see in the churches, a lot of candles.

Me and Echmiadzin.

Rani talking to our program manager, Armen after our site announcement.

A giant map of Armenia that we stood around anxiously awaiting our site announcement. I am place in the southern part of the country, just below the big blue blob, which is lake Sevan.

On our walk back from Charentsavan.

Janet learning how to dance like an Armenian.

Don and Janet eating geelas (sweet cherries) and enjoying the view.

Danny teaching us all how to whistle using your fingers.

Some lovely, tasty meat at a hanout in Charentsavan.

My neighbors.

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