Saturday, March 13, 2010

Anitchka Aleksanyan

This is the first story in a series. This is the grandmother of the host family I lived with when I first arrived.

Anitchka Alexsanyan, 77 years old

While the Aleksanyan household may be in constant motion, one fixture is sure to stay calm and quiet observing the choreographed motion of a village household. Anitchka Alexsanyan was born in the village of Karenis (once called Gyumush) in Kotayk marz, and has remained there her whole life. She is the mother of three boys and one girl, all of whom still live in the village. Anitchka’s husband died several years ago, but she lives with her youngest son, his wife and their three children. The eldest daughter was just married this February 13th.

She is the local specialist in all sorts of holistic and herbal remedies; many villagers often come to her for treatments. She can often be found repairing bedclothes, preparing matsun and sour cream, or praying several times a day in front of the altar at the house. In the fall, the preparation of all dried fruits and nuts does not happen without first being inspected and approved by her.

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