Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Opening day photos

Paige and the photos. We were just a little excited to get the show on the road.

And here is me and the photos. All snazzed up!

The amazing Miss Henni, the organizer of the show.

The "We-are-women-hear-us-roar" crew.

Paige talking about some photos with Lee Lacy, Peace Corps Armenia Country Director, and Armen , PC Environmental Education Program Manager.

Sona and me. Sona showed up early to the exhibit, as she rode the marsrutka to get there. She was in the building before we showed up. We found her in the gallery reading her story and looking at her photos with tears in her eyes. This really cemented our feelings that this exhibition was a big deal and something Armenian women would never think to organize for themselves about themselves.

We had many guests from the Yeghegnadzor community. This man is from the governor's office. He said he was very impressed with all the women in the exhibit and he recognized almost everyone's faces. He even told some stories about some of the women he knew.

Anahit looking at her photos surrounded by some of her classmates.

Paige and Knarik. Knarik took the early mashrutka from Yelpin to Yeghegnadzor, about a 35 minute drive.

Knarik and her sister-in-law, Aygestan. Aygestan and her family were Paige's second host family in Vayk. Both women are featured in the exhibition.

Henni thanking our guests and explaining the premise of the project. About 50 people were crammed into the little gallery, but everyone was enjoying themselves. We baked American cookies and crackers with a goat cheese dip and served champagne to toast the women. Henni collected information from UN and Amnesty International's websites and had students from the university write up data and essays about the state of the women in Armenia. Many guests told us that they were happy to see the data, as it reminded them of why women are important and how they have been ignored.

Henni and Sona. Many of the women in the exhibition are from the village Getap, where Henni has a family that she visits several times a week. In Getap Henni has become a celebrity. Sona and her family are one of the many families Henni has become close with.

Meester Jon, Peace Corps volunteer, my site mate. The one and only.

My marz-mates. These are my Americans, and they will all be leaving me in August. Bah ho.

Some girls from my Eco Club.

The after party at my apartment.


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brent said...

I am so proud of you!!! (And embarrassed that I called you in the middle of it... I should have been there... Bah ho!) But seriously, this is awesome. What a great thing to have done.

Also, who is this fladroma fool rubbing island life in our faces. (I'm half joking here... ;) I'm going to send him a postcard from YumYum Donuts... :)

And also, my dog's breath smells like ranch dressing... what does that mean????

Well done queer jan!

MTPhoto said...

Awesome! What a great thing to highlight the women!! The backbones!
I loved all the stories.
I was curious, how do you get the photos printed? Is there a printer around? How much does it cost?
I also noticed the photos in your apartment. Pretty cool!
Miss ya bunches. It's blizzarding here. And we have radish sprouts! And the chooks are all well and dandy.

Anonymous said...

Awesome show... wish I could have been there.