Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A walk to the Rhino Rock and the Pointy Bridge.

Mmm... fresh meat at the butcher shop. Makes me want to go buy some cow, how about you?

Henni on the bridge with the Rhino rock in the back. I love to come down here around dusk when all of the sheppards are bringing their flock back from the mountains. Its quite a scene to see all the animals crossing the bridge. Unfortunatley, I go there without my camera sometimes.

Me, Bryan, Henni, Paige and Jon. Some of the best people in the world!

Paige, she's special.


Paige and Henni down by the river.

Our famous pointy bridge. Come visit me and I'll take you there.

Cool kids.

Looking up toward Yeghegnadzor.

Henni is one cool cat.

I live in a pretty place!

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Paige's Mom said...

Thanks for giving such a great eye-view of Armenia for us that will probably never see it. The country side is absolutely spectacular. I'm glad you think Paige is special. I do too! Kay