Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random meeting of an old, and very wise man from my city.

This man came up to me, my counterpart and a student just after we finished a photo lesson.

We were taking photos of the horribly polluted the river that runs through Yeghegnadzor.

He was explaining to us how it used to look and all the fish and other things that used the river.

And I really liked his face.

So I couldn't stop taking his photos.

Sometimes you meet people and the stories they tell you can just blow you away.

It always interesting to hear how different Armenia was not all that long ago, and as soon as the Soviet Union fell, it all changed, QUICKLY.

This river is so choked with trash and polluted with animal feces I'm not sure much of anything could survive in there. I do see rats here regularly I guess.

This it the muddy ally behind my new house. That's my gate.

And the path to my house. My door is on the left.

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