Friday, March 12, 2010

Women's Day Project Opening Day

Today was the opening of Paige, Henni and my photo exhibiton. We photographed and interviewed 15 women in Armenia. We are displaying about 35 photographs in the Yeghegnadzor Social Center. For the rest of the month I will be posting one woman's photographs and stories so those who could not make it can see what work we have done.

The idea of the project was to show how hard the women in Armenia work and the important and overlooked role they hold in society. We spent a lot of time with each of the women we photographed and were constantly impressed by how kind and generous these women were. I hope you enjoy them!


About this Tim Roth guy... said...

This is quite well-done, madame Haas!

Anonymous said...

I'm always interested to read about the daily lives of the villagers in Armenia. very good work, thanks.