Sunday, March 14, 2010

Areni wine sellers

Tsorik Chatshatriyan, 38 years old
Siranush Soromonyan, 85 years old

Tsorik Chatshatriyan started selling wine on the road two years ago. We took her photo in December. It was a nice, sunny day and we went wine tasting in Areni village for our Christmas party. She served us different kinds of red wine and several fruit wines, her specialty, blackberry, pomegranate, raspberry…
Tsorik graduated from university in Yerevan, but never had the chance to work in her profession. Later she was working in finances. Then she moved with her family to a home next to the Yerevan road, and the mother of two girls and one boy decided to stay close and start selling wine there.

Behind her, next to the wall of their small selling place, Siranoush was sitting in the sun, Tsorik’s mother-in-law. Her eyes were closed, for her the time seemed to stand still.
Both women agreed that we could take their pictures, but they said, ”Menk sirun chenk!” We are not pretty. But we think they are and wanted to have them in our exhibition.

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